April 4, 2021

001 | 5 Fears About Starting a Podcast

Show Summary:

In the premiere of The Fat & Broke Podcast, Peter and Gary discuss their own fears around starting a new Podcast.  They each list 5 fears and have a discussion of each fear and how they have or will overcome them.

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Additionally, Gary & Peter introduce their first show segment: Win or Fail of the Week.  During win or fail, each host discusses a win or fail from the week and the co-host gets to decide if they agree with it as a win or fail.  In this episode, Peter discusses skipping a workout this week and Gary relays a story about how he dealt with a grieving friend.  Tune in to see the reaction to both.

Key Topics:

·        Call to action

·        Intro 

·        Bro talk

·        Win or fail

·        5 fears discussion

·        Call to action

·        Outro

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