April 5, 2021

003 | Less Fat, Less Broke

Show Summary:

In episode 003, we provide ways for our listeners to take action TODAY to be less fat and less broke.

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In our win/fail segment, Gary recounts a win for the first time as he celebrates a happy occasion for one of his friends, Peter has a win related to patient feedback at work, and Sarah goes with a fail on social media.

Main Discussion:

Next, we dive into our topic of the day, “Less Fat, Less Broke.”  

The discussion begins focusing on health and nutrition as Peter talks about calories in and calories out.  We get into the general science behind healthy eating and weight loss and the struggles that come with it.  The team offers some tips such as tracking, helpful apps that may help people start better habits.

The conversation transitions to money as Gary also talks about tracking, building a gap, and saving first.  As the discussion progresses, we highlight the similarities between healthy food and money habits.

Listener Feedback:

The Fat & Broke team then moves on to listener feedback from a commenter on the blog.  Jon H wrote in and compared Gary to Howard Stern.  Gary agrees.

Key Topics:


·        Calories In/Calories Out

·        Healthy Eating

·        Exercise

·        Tracking

·        Money In/Money Out

·        Build A Gap

·        Save First, Then Spend

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