May 3, 2021

011 | Our Pillars Of Fulfillment

Show Summary:

In episode 007, we discuss our Pillars of Fulfillment.

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In our win/fail segment, Gary learns to be gracious, Sarah received a compliment well, and Peter has put his family on an electronic detox.

Main Discussion:

Next, we dive into our topic of the day, “Pillars of Fulfillment”  

Our discussion in this episode is about what fulfills each of us and how they differ amongst us.  Sarah is fulfilled by independence, adventure, and creativity.  Peter is fulfilled by play, finding his tribe, and having a growth/positive mindset.  Gary is fulfilled by lifelong learning, mindfulness, and financial independence.

Listener Feedback:

The Fat & Broke team then moves on to fan feedback from the show and the blog. Jazz is back and enjoyed the post on fulfillment.  She includes what fulfills her including gratitude which is one we plan to explore more.

Key Topics:

  • Fulfillment
  • Independence
  • Adventure
  • Creativity
  • Play
  • Tribe
  • Mindset
  • Learning
  • Mindfulness
  • Financial Independence
  • Gratitude

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