May 10, 2021

013 | Spend More Time In The Hole | Aspire to Do Hard Things

Show Summary:

In episode 008, we discuss Spending More Time in the Hole.  How doing hard things can improve your life. 

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April is financial literacy month, and our kids are going back to school full time!


In our win/fail segment:

Peter’s daughter invests $6 into making brownies and sells them for $50.  A young entrepreneur in the making.  WIN.

Gary nurses his wife back to health which is a total win despite what Peter and Sarah say.  WIN.

Sarah runs a 9:30 mile on the treadmill, which her fastest every.  However, since then, she hasn’t been able to walk.  WIN.

Main Discussion:

Next, we dive into our topic of the day, “Spend More Time in the Hole.”  

Our discussion in this episode revolves around doing hard things.  Making yourself uncomfortable can make you a better person.  Learn by failing over and over again.  Easy choices, hard life: Hard choices, easy life.  Be more mindful about all of your choices and try to make the harder and more uncomfortable choices.

The team also talks about uncomfortable things they have done recently and some they plan to do in the future.

Peter wraps it up with some action items.  Identify what makes you uncomfortable.  Put yourself in uncomfortable situations.  Do it over and over again.  Spend more time in the hole!

Listener Feedback:

The Fat & Broke team then moves on to fan feedback from the show and the blog. CJ comments on Peter’s food prep post.  He learned a lot about food prepping and offered a tip on washing fruit with a water/vinegar wash.  We are going to try this.

Key Topics:

  • Do hard things
  • Make hard choices
  • Habits
  • Mindfulness
  • Be in the moment

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