May 24, 2021

017 | Dr. Don't | Why Do Some Doctor's Tell Their Patients Not To Exercise?

Show Summary:

In episode 010, we discuss why some doctors tell their patients not to exercise and what we can do to change that.

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The intro gets awkward as Sarah gets mad at Gary right before we hit the record button.  


In our win/fail segment:

Gary received his quarterly dividend payments,, and the team discusses the power of compound interest and having your money work for you.   WIN.

Peter reviewed his monthly bills and cut his gym and cable bill saving him over $100/month.  WIN.

Sarah has two!  Sarah swam with sharks and canceled her protein powder subscription.  WINS.

Main Discussion:

Next, we dive into our topic of the day, “Dr. Don’t | Why Do Some Doctors Tell Their Patients Not To Exercise?”  

As PT’s our patients tell us all of the time that their doctors tell them to not run, lift, exercise, and more.  We talk about the reasons they may be doing this, common myths about certain exercises, and ways we can keep this from happening in the future.

Fan Feedback:


  • Mark is a teacher that will be incorporating our win/fail segment into his class to help teach kids to not fear failure.
  • KL texts and is looking to get on the right track with her loans and investments.  She is a young professional and wants to set herself up for the future.

Key Topics:

  • Exercise myths
  • Imaging doesn’t correlate to injury
  • Arthritis
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Deadlifting, squats, running
  • Resistance training
  • Mental health
  • Growth mindset

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