July 8, 2021

030 | What Is Now | Barbaric Weight Loss, Born To Run, & Pinterest Bans Weight Loss Ads...Finally!

Show Summary:

In this week’s What Is Now (W.I.N.) episode, we discuss:  

  • Barbaric Weight-Loss Strategy
  • Born To Run
  • Pinterest Bans Weight Loss Ads...Finally!

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It’s another rainy holiday weekend in New England.  The squad previews the upcoming show and updates our listeners on our T-shirts.

W.I.N. #1:

Sarah discusses Pinterest banning weight-loss ads.  The team applies the conversation to our website and other social platforms.  We talk about how good it is to see these platforms taking moral stands and factoring in mental health to what they allow to be posted.

W.I.N. #2:

Gary talks about a new weight loss device that magnetically shuts your mouth and only allows you to eat liquids through a straw.  We also talk about a new gastric emptying device targeted towards weight loss.

W.I.N. #3:

Peter reviews an article that showed listening to music can improve your performance in running and exercise.

Fan Feedback:

Voice Memo #1:

Denise leaves us a message asking Gary how he went about picking his B12 vitamin.  This leads to a discussion about our gap of knowledge in this area and thanking for Denise helping to make us better every day!

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