July 15, 2021

032 | What Is Now | Your Superior Self, Is Seltzer Water Good For Hydration, and Why Peter's Weak Hands Means He Will Die Young.

Show Summary:

In this week’s What Is Now (W.I.N.) episode, we discuss:  

  • Is seltzer water as hydrating as regular water
  • Peter’s weak hands mean he will die young
  • Your superior self

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We are excited to have Jessica back as a co-host!  We get right into the topics at hand.

W.I.N. #1:

Sarah has an article that explores whether or not seltzer water is as hydrating as regular water.  The answer is….YES.  The negative effects are mostly limited to gas and weakened teeth enamel.

W.I.N. #2:

Gary reviews a study that showed a relationship between grip strength and disease/death.  This is especially true as we age.  We discuss Peter’s very weak grip hands and how he will die young because of it.

W.I.N. #3:

Peter talks about a podcast he listened to recently that explored how to create a better version of you.

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Jasmin leaves us a memo about how to pick out quality supplements.

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