July 26, 2021

035 | Kenny F*ng Loggins | Mental Tricks To Do Hard Things

Show Summary:

In today’s show, we discuss Kenny F*ng Loggins. This is a mantra we use to help us do hard things.  We discuss this and more mental tricks do help us overcome our brain’s desire to stop.

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The show starts with some good music and a quick conversation about the purpose of today’s show.


In our win/fail segment:

Sarah went to the mall and didn’t buy anything!  WIN.

Gary played barefoot basketball with Peter and now has blood blisters all over his feet.  FAIL.

Peter played gaga ball with his kids and friends.  He of course took off his shirts and beat all of the kids.  FAIL.

Main Discussion:

Next, we dive into our topic of the day, “Kenny F*ng Loggins | Mental Tricks To Do Hard Things”  

In this show, we talk about different strategies we and our listeners can use to start and finish doing hard things.

Some strategies include:

  • Self Talk
  • Visualization
  • Accountability
  • Celebrate Small Wins
  • Re-Framing
  • Self-Kindness

Fan Feedback:

  1. George enjoyed our blog post regarding teaching kids about money.
  2. Brogan writes in to talk about the power of compound interest.

Key Topics:

  • Do hard things
  • Mental toughness
  • Self-talk
  • Visualization
  • Accountability
  • Goals
  • Be Kind
  • Start with the end in mind

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