Aug. 19, 2021

042 | What Is Now | Free College, Selling Breast Milk, & Laughing Is The Best Medicine.

Show Summary:

In this week’s What Is Now (W.I.N.) episode, we discuss:

  • Free College
  • Selling Breast Milk
  • Laughing Is The Best Medicine

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We start the show by failing in our intros due to a long layoff.  We all just returned from some time off.  We also announce a schedule change to the show:

Monday:  Topic Show

Wednesday:  Win/Fail Mastermind Show

Friday:  What Is Now Show

Main Show:

Sarah’s W.I.N:

Sarah discusses all of the reasons why laughing is healthy for us.  She details many physiological and psychological benefits of laughter.  

Peter’s W.I.N:

Peter reviews an article where women are making $2500/month by selling breast milk.  The most common usages are for kids who need it, bodybuilders, and people with fetishes.  We discuss this as a possible side hustle for women as well as the benefits of donating it.

Gary’s W.I.N:

Gary discusses how big corporations are trying to recruit workers by offering free college tuition.  Walmart and Target have recently begun offering this benefit to their employees.

Fan Feedback:

Voice Memo #1:

Jasmin leaves us a voice memo asking a common question:  when is it a good idea to use a financial planner?  She also offers good advice for those people whose companies don’t offer low-cost index funds in their 401K.

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