Aug. 27, 2021

045 | What Is Now | Recess To The Rescue, Epi Genetics, & Pandemic Stock Plays

Show Summary:

In this week’s What Is Now (W.I.N.) episode, we discuss:

  • Recess To The Rescue
  • Epi Genetics
  • Pandemic Stock Plays

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We are broadcasting live during Hurricane Henri.  The show must go on!

Main Show:

Sarah’s W.I.N:

Sarah reviews an article about the importance of recess in school post-covid.  The social and physical value of recess is very much needed.

Peter’s W.I.N:

Peter explains Epi Genetics to us and how the choices we make can affect our DNA and our lineage.

Gary’s W.I.N:

Gary analyzes the trend in fitness and weight loss stocks pre, during, and post Covid.  The trends show that America is getting more obese which is scary.  If you want to invest, you are better off investing in Weight Watcher because ultimately weight loss is more food-driven than exercise.  

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