Sept. 22, 2021

056 | Win or Fail Mastermind Group | Kid's Snacks, Old Cars, & Facebook Group


As we open the show we do a follow-up to our previous mastermind groups.  Sarah has started her Better Every Day/Gratitude journal.  Peter and Gary have done the same.  Peter has also been biking to work and is loving it.

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Win or Fail Mastermind Group Session:


Peer and his wife started a new snack distribution system with his kids.  Sarah and Gary are skeptical if this will work.  The team discusses.


Gary wants to know if he is frugal, cheap, or stupid?  His cars are getting very old and becoming a problem in many ways.  The team discusses whether or not Gary should get a new car.


Sarah’s win for the week is starting our new Facebook Group.  We have been getting a lot of interaction and we love it.

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The Fat & Broke Podcast: Better Everyday Group

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