Sept. 27, 2021

058 | Dr. D.O. | Dr. Montu Patel

Show Summary:

In today’s show, we welcome a real doctor to the show!  Dr. Montu Patel.

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In today’s show, we welcome friend and physician Dr. Montu Patel to the show.  We will get his thoughts on some of the medical topics we have discussed before and hear about his fat & broke journey.  

Dr. Patel is a friend and physician, husband, and father of 2 kids.  He graduated from the New York Institute of Technology and currently works as a primary care MD.  In addition to that role, he also works with patients struggling with addiction.  We are excited to get his thoughts on a wide range of health, wellness, and medical issues.  Welcome, Dr. Patel!

Main Discussion:

We have a great discussion with Dr. Patel.  Some of the topics discussed include:

  • BMI
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain
  • Blood Work
  • HRT
  • Dr. Don’t
  • Indian Culture

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Key Topics:

  • BMI
  • Weight Loss
  • Ozempic
  • Insulin
  • Dopamine
  • Food Journals
  • Tracking
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Visceral Fat
  • Testosterone
  • Exercise
  • Flexeril
  • India
  • Lowell

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