Oct. 22, 2021

069 | What Is Now | The Day Facebook Died, Captain Kirk Goes To Space, Find Mass Money, Is Exercise the Key to Fighting Cancer?

Show Summary:

In today’s WIN, we discuss the day facebook died, Captain Kirk finally goes to space, find mass money, and is exercise the key to fighting cancer?

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Gary and Peter are left alone as Sarah is out with a back injury.  Can the boys carry the show?

Main Show:

Sarah’s W.I.N’s:


Peter’s W.I.N’s:

Exercise is good for many things, but it may also be good in the fight against cancer.  We discuss the importance of exercise, sleep, and nutrition to put your body in the best position to fight illness.

William Shatner went to space in a phallic-shaped rocket built by Jeff Bezos.  We have a broader discussion about privatizing space.

Gary’s W.I.N’s:

Facebook went down for 6 hours and the world went crazy.  Gary & Peter discuss how sad this is.

Gary is called out by a listener for having unclaimed property.  In response, Gary provides useful information for our listeners to find their own lost money through government-based websites.

Fan Feedback:

Denise call in again to support Sarah and her missed journal entries.  We have a quick discussion about habit formation in response to the voicemail.


Find Mass Money

Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport

Deep Work, Cal Newport

Cal Newport Website


Missing Money

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