Oct. 29, 2021

072 | What Is Now | Winter Is Coming, Concussions In Kids, Foregoing Free Money, & More School Shootings?

Show Summary:

In today’s WIN, we discuss winter is coming, concussions in kids, leaving free money on the table, and more school shootings?

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We talk about Sarah’s absence and preview our first listener makeover episode.

Main Show:

Sarah’s W.I.N’s:

None.  Sarah is still injured.

Peter’s W.I.N’s:

Peter starts a conversation about the frequency and sadness of school shootings.  We discuss some of the reasons this may be happening and how as parents we are dealing with it in our own households.

Concussions in youth sports are a major problem.  We discuss what sports they are most prevalent in, some of the causes, and how to “prevent” them.  We also talk about some of the garbage marketing that goes on around helmets.

Gary’s W.I.N’s:

Gary talks about the rising cost of energy and how expensive it’s going to be to heat our homes this winter.  We discuss the many reasons why gas and oil prices are rising.  We also detail some ways we can proactively reduce our heating expenses this winter.

A large number of American’s do not use their 401K’s and work and amongst those that do, many do not contribute enough to get their employers matching contribution.  This is an important part of your compensation package and if you are not getting the match you are leaving “free” money on the table and in your employer's pocket.

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