Nov. 3, 2021

074 | Win or Fail Mastermind Group | Resentment, Kindness, & Bloodwork


We open the show by welcoming Sarah back to the show.  She is mainly feeling better and is ready to go!

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Win or Fail Mastermind Group Session:


Peter has spoken before on the show about his traumatic upbringing.  He discusses how he has chosen not to resent his past, which has allowed him to move forward with his life.  The conversation focuses on how some people can do this and others can not.


Gary gives an update on his current bloodwork.  He has a few wins and many fails.  We discuss what went wrong and what his plan will be going forward to optimize his blood levels.  The conversation concludes with the team discussing the importance of regular blood work.


Sarah shares a story about how kindness made a bad situation must better.  In a scenario we have all been in, she chose to be kind, and as a result, other people went out of their way to help her.  Had she decided to be angry, the outcome would likely have been much different.

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