Nov. 18, 2021

079 | What Is Now | Fan Feedback Show

Show Summary:

In today’s WIN, we change course and dedicate the show to our listener’s feedback.  The team will listen and reply to multiple voice memos from our community.  Listening and learning from each other is what the Fat & Broke Podcast is all about! 

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Sarah and Gary attended a fondue party to celebrate Gary’s birthday.  G-Tober/Go-Vember continues!  We talk about meat sweats and much much more.

Main Show:

Fan Feedback:

  1. Beth calls in to discuss avocado and sushi.
  2. Heather B. tells us about how she uses journaling with her volleyball team.
  3. Brogan calls to defend his performance in the juice cleanse challenge.
  4. Jasmin warns us about “added sugars.”
  5. Stacey, Peter’s wife, enjoys being a pawn in Peter’s exercise game.
  6. Heather, a professor, gives us a lesson on protein powder and pre-workout supplements. 



Thanks for listening!