Dec. 27, 2021

090 | The Credit Card Show | To Points and Beyond!

Show Summary:

To points and beyond!!  Do you use credit cards for all of your purchases?  If the answer is no, have you ever thought about what you could be missing out on?  In episode 90 of the Fat & Broke Podcast, we talk about the many benefits that credit cards offer, the rules of the game, who should be using them, and who should not.  The benefits of credit cards go well beyond points and can be as simple or complicated as you want them to be.  We will help you get started, NEXT!

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We are working on quicker intros and topic entry.  Peter remains in Covid protocol.  

Main Discussion:

Today’s show is all about the many benefits of using credit cards.  Gary firmly believes that all purchases should be made using a credit card.  If not, you may be throwing away free money and much, much more.  Today’s conversation is a deep dive into all of the benefits using a credit card offers.

Before we do that, we layout who should NOT do this.  If you have a history of poor use of credit cards, currently have bad debt, or have a history of paying late, this may not be for you.  Once you get your full financial life in order, then come back and listen to this episode.

Credit Card Benefits:

1. Points/Cash Back/Sign-On Bonuses
2. Build Credit
3. Purchase Protection
4. Fraud Protection
5. Lounge Access
6. VIP Pre-Sale--Concerts/Events
7. 0% Transfers & Grace Period--Free Borrowing
8. Cell Phone Insurance
9. Free Hotel Nights
10. Free Companion Pass
11. Credits for Services Such as Streaming & More 
12. Free Subscriptions--Audible, Panera
13. Free Newspapers
14. Travel Insurance
15. Extended Warranties
16. Car Rental Insurance
17. Free Credit Score/Monitoring
18. Track Your Spending
19. Free Checked Bags
20. TSA Pre-Check/Global Entry
21. Emergency Fund

Key Topics:

  • See Above

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