Dec. 30, 2021

091 | What Is Now | E-Bikes, Live Longer With Exercise, Rent vs. Buy, Coffee, Sleep Deprivation, & Sleep Tips

Show Summary:

In today’s WIN, we discuss:

  • E-Bikes
  • Rent, Don’t Buy Your Home
  • Living Longer
  • Coffee
  • Sleep Tips & Sleep Deprivation

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The squad continues remote recording due to Peter’s Covid.  We wish everyone a Happy Holiday and then get into the show.

Main Show:

Sarah’s W.I.N’s:

1.  Do you drink coffee?  Of course, you do.  In America, 70% of people drink coffee daily.  A recent study looked at coffee consumption and sleep.  The results show that coffee and blue light combined have the biggest negative effect on sleep.  Some other tips for coffee consumption are not to drink it when you first wake up, have some mid-day, and don’t have any after 3 pm.

2.  To top off our conversations on sleep, Sarah gives us tips on better sleep.  Here they are:

  1. Keep the room cool.  63-65 degrees is optimal.
  2. Schedule worry time an hour before bed to get it out of the way.
  3. Have a consistent wake-up time.
  4. Get outside first thing in the am to get air and sun.  If you can’t, use a sun lamp.
  5. Keep it really dark at night.
  6. Practice gratitude.

Peter’s W.I.N’s:

1.  A new study has shown how longer lives are tied to physical activity.  In Peter’s ongoing quest to live longer, he continues to find studies that help him do this.  The article talks not just about living longer but how to do so while also living well.  We also debate whether or not humans are cheating the system and living too long.

2.  Peter is obsessed with muscles.  He looked into how sleep deprivation affects skeletal muscle growth.  Surprisingly, sleep deprivation results in skeletal muscle loss.

Gary’s W.I.N’s:

1.  A new bill in Congress would give a 30% tax credit on the purchase of an E-Bike up to $900.  We discuss the possible benefits of an E-Bike and whether or not Gary will be getting one.

2.  Recently, a CEO of a big company was interviewed and he was discussing why he rents his home instead of owning it.  We discuss all of the hidden costs involved in owning a home and the myth of your home as an investment.  We also discuss a simple equation you can use to determine whether or not you should rent or own where you live.

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