Jan. 6, 2022

093 | Win or Fail Mastermind Group | Maximizing Family Vacation Time, Learning New Skills, & Assigning Intent


No intro.  We jump right into the show.

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Win or Fail Mastermind Group Session:


Pete takes us through a thought experiment regarding assigning intent to someone's behavior and how that affects our experience at the moment.  He suggests that if we remove the common practice of assigning intent, we will find that we get less mad and/or annoyed at the moment.  Changing your mindset can change your reactions and actions.


Have you ever said “what do you want to do today?” and then ended up doing nothing?  It happens to Gary all of the time.  So heading into a week off between X-Mas and New Years Day, Gary comes up with a system to make sure this does not happen and that he and his family have a great week off together.  To do so, he draws upon the lessons he learned from Folly Beach.


Sarah has decided to get a second job as a bartender.  She made the choice to learn a new skill that she can use forever and to make more money to support her current lifestyle.  There are two sides to the money-saving/budgeting coin: earn and spend.  To properly budget you can either spend less, earn more, or both.  Sarah has chosen the earn more side of the coin for now.  We also discuss the concept of talent stacking and how that can serve you through life.

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