Feb. 10, 2022

103 | What is Now | Mark Cuban Selling Drugs, Medieval Sleep, Empathy, Bye Bye Sarah, & Your Eyes Can Predict Your Death

In today’s WIN, we discuss:

  • Mark Cuban Is Selling Drugs
  • Medieval Sleeping Habits
  • Empathy
  • Sarah’s Moving To Spain
  • And Can Our Eyes Predict Our Death?

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What Is Now:

Sarah’s W.I.N’s:

  1. A recent news story was exploring how people slept during medieval times and whether or not we would be better off returning to that.  Before the industrial revolution, people would have 1st sleep and 2nd sleep instead of one long sleep.  After we invented artificial light, we went away from this model.  Which is the right way to sleep?  We discuss.
  2. Spain has recently adopted some laws giving animals/pets similar rights to humans.  Sarah is happy about this and has decided to move to Spain.  Gary and Peter are skeptical.

Peter’s W.I.N’s:

  1. Peter discusses how having empathy can affect how we react to situations allowing us to avoid getting angry. We have a great discussion on the power of empathy.

Gary’s W.I.N’s:

  1. Mark Cuban has started an online pharmacy company with the goal of providing less expensive medications to those who can not afford them.  We discuss how this works and other alternatives.
  2. Recent research shows that eye health can be a predictor of life span.  Gary leads a discussion about what clues can show us this and how our eye age and biological age can be different.  

Fan Feedback:

  1. Jessica calls Gary out on not getting his heart and tooth fixed.
  2. Stacey calls Peter out for attributing a quote from Thoreau to Joe Rogan.


Thanks for listening!