March 3, 2022

109 | Win or Fail Mastermind Group | Martial Arts, Time In The Market, & Just Start

Show Summary:

Update:  Gary has purchased a new car!

In today’s show we discuss: 

  • Martial Arts
  • Time In The Market
  • Just Start

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Win or Fail Mastermind Group Session:


Peter has started doing martial arts again.  This time, he is doing it with his wife and kids to make it more of family activity.  He is now able to do something he loves and also spends time with his family.  Additionally, his family is learning self-defense.


Gary celebrates two financial wins from this past year.  

  1. He and Jessica’s investments earned more than their salaries last year.
  2. Their dividends kicked off more than $25,000 on income.

He brought this up not to brag but to re-emphasize the value of long-term consistent investing in the market and to highlight how this approach also works in most aspects of our life.  Making the right choices consistently over a long period of time results in huge gains.


Sarah talks about bartending again!  Now that she has been working as a bartender for a few months, she regrets not having started sooner.  We explore why she waited and how this may change her decisions in the future.  The message is “just start.”

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