March 10, 2022

111 | What Is Now | Financial Infidelity, Blue Zone Bread, Superfoods, Apple Watch Benie's, Keys To Being Old & Happy, & More Benefits of Vitamin D

Show Summary:

In today’s WIN, we discuss:

  • Financial Infidelity
  • Blue Zone Bread
  • Superfoods
  • Apple Watch Benie’s
  • Keys To Being Old & Happy
  • & More Benefits of Vitamin D

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What Is Now:

Sarah’s W.I.N’s:

  1. The blue zones are back!  We discuss the bread that people in the blue zones eat.  The most common bread in these regions is sourdough, whole grain/wheat/rye, pita, and cornbread. 
  2. Sarah discusses the seven habits that lead to happiness in old age.  This is referred to as the Happiness 401K.  The seven habits are: cultivate relationships, prioritize movement, don’t smoke, don’t drink, maintain body weight, manage stress, and lifelong learning.

Peter’s W.I.N’s:

  1. Vitamin D levels have been linked to Covid severity.  Those with higher levels of Vitamin D prior to getting Covid has a significantly lower chance of getting severe Covid.
  2. The top 10 superfoods of 2021!  We discuss the top ten foods and some that they missed.  Peter seems to have his own list.

Gary’s W.I.N’s:

  1. Three out of ten couples experience financial infidelity.  We discuss what this means, whether or not we have done it, and the best ways to avoid this happening to you and your partner.
  2. An insurance company in Australia issued free Apple watches to members to help promote increased activity levels.  If participants did not reach their movement goals, they would have to pay for the watch and higher insurance rates.  The study showed that participants increased their activity by 35% over the course of two years.

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