April 14, 2022

121 | Win Or Fail Mastermind Group | The Beginner's Mind, Grocery Store Win's, & A Money Win AND Fail?

Show Summary:

Welcome to the Fat & Broke mastermind group.  In today’s session…

  • The Beginner’s Mind
  • Winning At The Grocery Store
  • A Money Win AND Fail?

The show starts by following up on Peter’s monthly grocery spending.  He has implemented many strategies that have proven to be successful. We discuss those strategies as well as what he plans to do going forward.

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Win or Fail Mastermind Group Session:


Peter has been hacking a local grocery app and getting some great values.  He details how he is doing it and how we can all do the same with our local grocery stores.


Gary discusses the idea of “The Beginners Mind.”  We define what this is and how Gary has been trying to implement this with coaching, work, and in all aspects of his life.


Sarah finally did her taxes?  Who cares?  Well, this is important because she normally does it right away because she needs the money.  This year she almost forgot about it because she is handling her money so well that she didn’t have the need to get the tax money so quickly.  

She also has a fail because she has spent about $1000 on veterinarian bills in the past month with more to come.

Thanks for listening!