May 19, 2022

131 | What is Now | Semaglutide, Fecal Transplants, Bitcoin 401K, Skin Cancer, HSA's, I-Bonds, & Insulin

Show Summary:

In today’s WIN, we discuss:

  • Semaglutide Injections
  • Fecal Transplants
  • Bitcoin in your 401K
  • Skin Cancer
  • HSA’s
  • I-Bonds at 9.62%
  • We Answer A Listeners Question About Insulin

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Fan Feedback:

Listener Paul sent us this email and we answer his question:

New listener here; heard you guys on the Stacking Benjamins Podcast and I'm binging from the beginning. I wanted to ask about insulin. I heard Benjamin Bikman on another podcast advocating getting your insulin checked in addition to glucose and a1c. His argument is that insulin level will tell you your level of insulin sensitivity better than glucose. I signed up to get mine tested, but I wanted to know if this guy is a quack and/ or if there are any downsides to getting this test done (other than the $23 it costs). If you already addressed this sorry, I'm catching up, and if you answer this on an episode, can you email me so i can skip ahead?


Thanks for listening!