May 23, 2022

132 | How Low Can It Go? | What The F*CK Is Happening To The Stock Market?

Show Summary: 

How low can it go?  Is the market at the bottom?  Can and will it go any lower?  Should I sell?  Why I am losing so much money?  These are all questions I have heard a lot over the past few weeks and months.  In today’s episode of the Fat & Broke Podcast, we discuss the current market conditions and what we can all do now and in the future when this happens again.

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Action Items/Conclusions:

In today's show we answer the following about the state of the current stock market:

  1. How much has the market dropped?
  2. Why has the market dropped so much?
  3. How does this compare to prior “crashes?”
  4. Where will the market go next?
  5. What should you do with your money now?
  6. How should you plan for the next market downturn?


Thanks for listening!