May 30, 2022

134 | Jennie Boyer | For Love Or Money

Show Summary: 

We have all heard a version of this statement before: financial disagreements are the number one cause of conflict in relationships.  But even know you have heard that a million times, have you ever really thought about why?  Have you spoken with your partner about it?  Have you done anything to prevent it?  Jenny Boyer returns today to help us explore love and money.  Next, on the Fat & Broke Podcast.

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We have an awkward conversation about kissing, and following that, we discuss the importance of Memorial Day and reflect on what is essential on this day.

Topics Discusses & Questions Answered:

In today's show, we answer the following about the state of the current stock market:

  1. Most common money mistakes that couples make.
  2. Should partners combine their money?
  3. The best way to talk about money.
  4. The pizza box money talk.  How to find common ground.
  5. The importance of discussing money BEFORE marriage.
  6. Who's debt is it?
  7. The pros and cons of a one-income household.


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Hidden Footage:

Listen to an awkward conversation we have about kissing and Peter's tongue!

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Jennie Boyer

Jennie was raised by well meaning parents who taught her no financial, parenting, or relational skills. It has become a passion of hers to teach her five kids (and any other kid/parent who will listen) life skills so they don’t have to struggle the same way she did. She and her husband Marcus have raised some pretty incredible and independent kiddos so far… (If she does say so herself.)