June 6, 2022

136 | Our Not-To-Do Lists | Better Every Day By Not-To-Doing

Show Summary: 

If you are like us, your to-do list never seems to end.   To-do lists can run our lives which is why we are dedicating today’s conversation to our NOT-TO-DO Lists! What if you can regain some of your time and headspace by doing less???  Maybe your to-do list can actually have a finish line?  If you want to do less and be more fulfilled, then stay tuned to this episode of The Fat & Broke Podcast!

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A quick conversation about enjoying the outdoors and mosquitoes. 

Topics Discusses & Questions Answered:

In today's show we answer the following about the state of the current stock market:

  1. How to be more fulfilled by doing less.
  2. What is a not-to-do list?
  3. How to make a list like this?
  4. How to go from good to great as a person?
  5. What things have we already stopped doing?
  6. What things would we like to stop doing going forward?


Good To Great, Jim Collins
Tim Ferriss Not-To-Do List

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