June 20, 2022

139 | The Final Countdown | Live Like You Were Dying

Show Summary: 

If you knew how long you had left to live, would it change how you live each day?  In many cases of illness, this is true.  But what about otherwise healthy people?  Would knowing your possible life expectancy help you make the most of every day and allow you to better plan for your future?  This week's episode of The Fat & Broke Podcast explores the pros and cons of having a final countdown.

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Happy Fathers Day!  We discuss our Father's Day plans and then jump into the show.

Headline Of The Week:

Why You Can't Trust Your Fitness Tracker on Calorie Burn, Life Hacker

Topics Discusses & Questions Answered:

In today's show, we answer the following about the state of the current stock market:

  1. Which of the hosts will live the longest?
  2. Do we want to know when we will die?
  3. How does knowing our death date help us better live in the now?
  4. How does knowing your estimated life span help you plan for the future?
  5. Live like you were dying.


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