Aug. 22, 2022

148 | Summer Sessions | What's It Worth To You? | Spending Lavishly On What You Value

Show Summary:

Welcome to the Fat & Broke Summer Sessions…

In today’s show, we discuss areas of our lives where spending money is always “worth” it and even some areas where we think we could spend more.

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Headline Of The Week:

4 Physical Signs You Need To Eat More Carbs, From Brain Fog To Exercise Flu

An article from Insider attempts to explain why we need to eat more carbs.  As is usually the case, this is clickbait.  The article basically states that glycogen is essential.  Duh!!!  We discuss the role of carbs and glycogen in a healthy diet and the role of moderation when consuming this type of food.

Spending Lavishly On What We Value:

This discussion stems from an article that Gary read on Insider.

What Gary Values:

  • Kids and Their Sports
  • Gadgets That Make Life Easier
  • Family Vacations

What Sarah Values:

  • Experiences
  • Streaming/Netflix
  • Home Decor

What Peter Values:

  • Quality Whole Food
  • Self Care
  • His Backyard For Social Gathering
  • Clothes
  • Beer

After discussing what we spend on, we move on to areas where we think we may want to spend more in the future.  Tune in to the show to hear what those items are!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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