Sept. 26, 2022

153 | Mastermind Group | Too Much Time, Falling Down The Rabbit Hole, & Pet Cemetery

Show Summary:

Welcome to the Fat & Broke mastermind group.  In today’s session…

We discuss:

  • Having Too Much Time
  • Falling Down The Rabbit Hole
  • Pet Cemetery

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Headline Of The Week:

Gen Z trusts this man more than Warren Buffett for financial advice — and he says this is the single best habit to adopt if you want to save money

Mastermind Group:


Sarah has spent a lot of money on her dog over the past few years.  We discuss why she is so willing to do this, and at what point she would say no.


Peter has been falling victim to the endless scroll of Reddit and Facebook Marketplace.  We discuss how this happened and his actions to fix it.


Gary’s kids are growing up fast, and he and Jess (his wife) are finding themselves with an empty nest and a lot of time.  We discuss how to handle best this abrupt change in his life in a positive way.

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