Oct. 31, 2022

158 | Spooky Money Stories | The Scariest Things We Have Ever Done With Money

Show Summary: 

Happy Halloween, everyone!  Oh, my gourd…What's the scariest thing you have ever done with your money???  In today's show, we are telling some scary money tales from our past lives.  What ghoulish things have we done and lived to tell about???  Stay tuned to this special Halloween episode of the Fat & Broke Podcast to find out!

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Happy Halloween!!!  We discuss how we celebrated Halloween as kids and how some people do not.  

Headline Of The Week:

James Smith, PT Tik Tok Video

Spoooookkkkkyyyyy Money Stories:

The hosts discuss the scariest things they have ever done with their money.  We have discussed some before, but tune in to hear real revelations from a few of them!

Fan Feedback:

  • Listener Stacey called to inform us that she took action on some of our tips from our Grocery Store Science show.


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