Dec. 5, 2022

163 | Mastermind Group | The College Process, A New Life Phase, & Losing My Religion

Show Summary:

Welcome to the Fat & Broke mastermind group.  In today’s session…

We discuss:

  • A New Life Phase
  • The College Process
  • Losing My Religion

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Gary is sick.  Sarah is a scatterbrain.  Just your normal shit-talking!

Headline Of The Week:

What is going on at FTX?  We discuss FTX and risky investing.

Mastermind Group:

Gary discusses his thoughts on the college process and college in general.

Peter answers a fan's questions about religion (see question below).

Sarah has entered a new phase where she is excited by home goods.  It's called getting old!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:


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Fan Feedback:


Fun fact of how I found you guys.  I'm a personal finance nerd and was looking for a new podcast.  I heard about Stacking Benjamins from Joel on the How To Money podcast.  I downloaded an episode and it happened to be the one you guys were on.  I never listened to another episode of Stacking Benjamins but I went back to the beginning of yours and listened to every one until I was current.


I have a request for a future topic.  I hear of Peter talking about growing up in a cult.  I'm not sure if he means that literally or if it was more of a overly strict evangelical Christian environment.  Regardless, I can relate.  I was deeply involved in a conservative evangelical Christian church for many years.  I'm now questioning many things and practices that I held for so long.  I'm having difficulty getting past the guilt in letting it go and moving on.  I would love to hear Peter discuss this topic more if he was comfortable doing so. 


Keep up the great work!  I love the information shared (and the vulnerability in doing so)  and the entertaining banter.

Thanks for listening!