Jan. 9, 2023

168 | In Two Thousand & Twenty-Three (2023), I Will Be... | The FAB Take On New Year's Resolutions

Show Summary: 

In two thousand and twenty-three, I will be…  How would you answer this question?  Have you thought about that all?  In a different take on New Year's resolutions, we take some time today to reflect on how we would each complete that statement and the specific action items we will take to get there.  

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It's been a while since we last recorded.  The hosts have all been sick and have not been able to record frequently. We are back!

Headline Of The Week:

Mark Cuban on the habit all 30-somethings need to succeed: Without it, ‘you’re not expanding your mind.’

In Two Tousand & Twenty-Three, I Will Be…l:

In this episode, we each declare our intentions for the person we will be in 2023: 

Peter will be…a person who truly accepts others for who they are today.

Gary will be…a person that listens to others more and talks less.

Sarah will be…dedicated to “me.”

Fan Feedback:

  • Morning Peter! We talked a little about retirement planning & I'm actively working on moving our 401k's around & I thought I'd share. I'm leaning towards rolling our 401k's & maybe some savings into a fixed differed annuity. Interest rates right now are around 4.4, and if I can lock in for maybe 5 years, that would help us to get closer to the nest egg we need to retire in. Ask Gary what he thinks about fixed differed annuities 🧐


  • The Effective Executive, Peter F. Drucker
  • Deep Work, Cal Newport

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