Jan. 23, 2023

170 | Set It & Forget It | Getting Less Fat & Less Broke Through Systems | Part 1: Money Systems

Show Summary: 

Do you have the systems in place to help you achieve your money and wellness goals?  Or do you, like many people, know what you want to achieve but are unsure how to get there or where to start?  If that sounds familiar, then this two-part series is for you!

In Part 1, we will discuss the money systems we implement to simplify this process and ensure we meet our financial goals.

In Part 2, we will cover all of Peter’s favorite domains: health, nutrition, fitness, sleep, and of course, social!

Stay tuned for Part 1, Next!

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Sarah and Gary confront Peter over his Wendy’s Frosty key tag.

Headline Of The Week:

Apple’s Tim Cook To Take 50% Pay Hit After Shareholder's Feedback

Money Systems:

  • Track Your Finances
  • Create A Money Flow Chart
  • Automate As Many Of The Steps In The Chart As Possible
  • Use Direct Deposit
  • Enroll In Workplace Retirement Accounts & Have It Automatically Deducted
  • Create Multiple Bank Accounts For Savings, Fixed Bills, Variable Bills, & Other
  • Use Auto Bill Pay From All Of Your Lenders (Mortgage, Auto Loans, Credit Cards, Etc…)
  • Auto Transfer Funds To Emergency Fund, Roth IRA’s, And Other Savings Vehicles
  • Decide On A Debt Paydown Strategy And Set Up Automatic Payments To Fit Your Plan (Snowball vs. Avalanche)


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