Jan. 30, 2023

171 | Set It & Forget It | Getting Less Fat & Less Broke Through Systems | Part 2: Health Systems

Show Summary: 

In episode 170, we started our conversation around systems by discussing our set-it-and-forget-it approach to money.  In today's episode, we discuss the systems we have in place to help us reach our health, nutrition, fitness, sleep, and social goals.  Although more challenging to set and forget than money is, you can still simplify and reduce your barriers to success by using a systemic approach.  In today’s episode, we teach you how!  

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We review episode 170 and move right into part 2 of our systems approach to better every day.

Health Systems:


  • Food Prep
  • Shop 1x Per Week If Possible
  • Don’t Bring Foods You Don’t Want To Eat Into The Home
  • Focus On High Volume & Low Caloric Density Foods

Physical Activity

  • Pick # Of Days You Want To Exercise.  Make It Achievable
  • Should Be Anything You Enjoy That Makes You Move
  • Be Consistent
  • Make It Fun.  Do It With Friends, Group Challenges, Or Whatever Keeps You Accountable
  • Earn Your “Down” Time
  • Reduce The Barriers To Starting By Planning Ahead
  • Focus On Process Over Results
  • Sustained Compliance = Compounding Results


  • Consistent Bed Time
  • Work Backwards-When You Need To Wake Up Minus Hours Of Sleep Needed = Bedtime
  • Reduce Temperature, Noise, & Light
  • Place Phone Across Room
  • Avoid Large Meals Close To Bedtime
  • Avoid Alcohol Within In A Few Hours Of Bedtime
  • Create A Morning Routine You Like So You Look Forward To Going To Bed


  • Pick The 5 People You Want To Spend Time With
  • Set Reminder For Weekly Check-Ins
  • Set Game Nights, Dinner Nights, Or Some Other Regular Gathering


Thanks for listening!