March 6, 2023

176 | Mastermind Group | The Network, Mo Money No Problems, & This Old House

Show Summary:

Welcome to the Fat & Broke mastermind group.  In today's session…

We discuss:

  • The Network
  • Mo Money, No Problems
  • This Old House

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Gary had a colonoscopy, so we discussed his experience and the process.  Who wouldn't want to hear about that!!

Headline Of The Week:

4 Misleading Personal Finance Tips

Mastermind Group:

Gary's son had a recent medical issue, and he talks about how the network he has cultivated over the years helped him navigate the healthcare system to get his son what he needed quickly.

Peter is considering doing an extensive home renovation.  In this case, we discuss the concept of return on investment and whether or not that even applies to help Peter decide whether to do it.

Sarah is now making enough money not to have to worry about money.  We discuss how this makes her feel and what has changed.

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