March 29, 2021

Announcement: New Blog Post & Podcast Schedule!

Thank You!

The team here at Getting Fat Going Broke and The Fat & Broke Podcast would like to thank everyone who has visited our site, read our blog, left comments, and interacted with us on social media. We started this project out of a passion for the topics we discuss and had no idea what to expect. We have been blown away by the positive response from all of you and the overwhelming number of visits to our page and downloads of our podcast trailer. Your support drives us to be better and to continue producing content that you will enjoy. Thank You!

New Schedule

With the upcoming release of The Fat & Broke Podcast (trailer available now on our site and your favorite podcast players), we will be adjusting our schedule to optimize content for our readers and listeners. The blog post schedule will begin this week and the podcast schedule will begin the week of April 5th. Here is the new schedule:


New “Weekly” Episode of The Fat & Broke Podcast: Our main show where we explore money & lifestyle topics in depth.


New Blog Post on


New “What Is Now” Episode of The Fat & Broke Podcast: A discussion about current money and lifestyle events in the news.


New Blog Post on

Binge The First 3 Shows on April 5th!

On April 5th, we will release 3 FULL EPISODES for your binging pleasure!! After that, we will release them per the schedule above. Enjoy!!!

Feedback Please

We value the feedback from our readers and listeners. Your input makes us better! Comments on our posts, social media pages, and our voice memo feature help us improve our content and delivery, make our content specific to the needs of those reading and listening, and grow our community. Please keep the feedback coming!

Grow Our Community

Our only ask of our readers and listeners is to help us grow our community so that others may benefit from this information. Please share this website with your friends/family/colleagues, Follow/Like us on your social media platform of choice, and hit Subscribe on your favorite podcast player. Thank You!

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