Jan. 14, 2021

The Simple Math Behind Being Fat & Poor

Click Bait & Lies

The struggle to avoid being fat & poor is big business. Everywhere you look, there is a link telling you, “click here to lose weight” and “click here to be rich.” I guess this blog post is no different in some regards. It is all nonsense! There is elementary math behind what makes us rich or poor, fat or skinny. We need to look no further than the basic algebraic equations we learned back in school. There is no magic here, no product for sale, no gimmick. It is math, it is a choice, and it is up to you to start.

The Equation

Let’s look at the math.

Let’s assume:

X = Calories In/Money In

Y = Calories Out/Money Out

If X = Y, then nothing changes.

If X > Y, you will gain weight and/or add to your net worth.

If X < Y, you will lose weight and/or subtract from your net worth.

There it is, simple math. It is hard to understand why we insist upon making this more complicated than it is. Control one or both sides of the equation to get your desired outcome.

The Reality

In reality, it is tough to control the equation. There are so many internal and external factors that get in the way. If it weren’t hard, everyone would be rich and in perfect shape. That is clearly not the case for most, including me. I find it helpful to keep this math in the back of my mind to periodically recall it to remind myself that the math is the math. There is no need to muddy the waters with gimmicks. If I keep it simple, I find it easier to maintain, and I have greater success.

Burn more calories then I consumer (eat less and/or exercise more) = Lose Weight (Track Calories w/ the Lose It)

Spend less then I make (spend less and/or make more) = Gain Net Worth (Track Net Worth w/ Personal Capital)

There are a lot of ways to go about skewing the equation in your favor. That is for another post. But the math won’t change, and the math is attainable for all. You have to start.

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