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Brett Scott

Owner/Physical Therapist/Strength Coach

Brett is a physical therapist, national level weightlifting coach, competitive weightlifter, and entrepreneur. He is the owner of Barbell Therapy & Performance and Arkitect Fitness. With over 10 years of experience in the strength and conditioning field, Brett founded Barbell Therapy in 2017 after finishing PT school knowing there was something unique he had to offer to patients. His mission of Barbell Therapy is to treat AND COACH athletes and active adults back to elite levels of performance, especially after other providers in the medical model have doubted them. After accidentally starting Barbell Therapy, his love, passion and success for coaching in a unique semi private model continued to grow and flourish into what is now Arkitect fitness. You can find both businesses in both Concord, NH and Tyngsboro, MA.

124 | Brett Scott | The Accidental Entrepreneur

April 25, 2022

Show Summary: Have you ever thought about working for yourself? Most of us have at least considered it at one time or another. But, could you imagine “accidentally” starting a business? Our guest today, Brett Scott, did j…

Guest: Brett Scott