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Jennie was raised by well meaning parents who taught her no financial, parenting, or relational skills. It has become a passion of hers to teach her five kids (and any other kid/parent who will listen) life skills so they don’t have to struggle the same way she did. She and her husband Marcus have raised some pretty incredible and independent kiddos so far… (If she does say so herself.)

134 | Jennie Boyer | For Love Or Money

May 30, 2022

Show Summary: We have all heard a version of this statement before: financial disagreements are the number one cause of conflict in relationships. But even know you have heard that a million times, have you ever really thou…

Guest: Jennie Boyer

112 | Jennie Boyer | Raising Money-Smart Kids In A Money-Dumb World

March 14, 2022

Show Summary: Did you learn about money when you were a kid? Do you remember what that looked like? Do you feel as though you were financially literate when you started adulting? In episode 25, we spoke about our childhood…

Guest: Jennie Boyer

094 | Jennie Boyer | 10 Tips To Raise Independent Kids

Jan. 10, 2022

Show Summary: It is safe to say that all parents want their kids to grow up to be gritty, resilient, and independent. Accomplishing this is a whole other story. Today, we bring Jennie Boyer back to the show. If you liked …

Guest: Jennie Boyer

078 | Jennie Boyer | 10 Grocery Store Money Saving Hacks

Nov. 15, 2021

Show Summary: In today’s show, we welcome grocery store expert Jennie Boyer to the show. Jennie will share her top 10 grocery store hacks with our audience. Leave A Voice Memo | Review The Show | Follow | Subscribe Intro : …

Guest: Jennie Boyer