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Stacey Taylor

Insurance Agency Owner

Personal Insurance professional for over 21 years. I began my career w/ MetLife Auto & Home in January of 2001 in the claims department. I advanced my way through various positions and ultimately left while holding the position of Senior Litigation Adjuster. I transitioned into the sales department in 2010 as a call center sales rep and then opened my office in Pepperell as a local agent in 2013. I am now a Farmers Agency Owner as Farmers bought out MetLife in January of 2021. Currently selling to and servicing customers in MA, NH and ME with a book of business around $1.8M.

122 | Stacey Taylor | Insure This, Not That | A Show About Insurance & More.

April 18, 2022

Show Summary: Can you name something you pay for in your life and hope that you never have to use it? Still thinking??? Let me help. The one that comes to mind first is insurance. We all need it. Most of us have many for…

Guest: Stacey Taylor