April 15, 2021

006 | What Is Now | ADHD, Happiness, & Lazy Humans

Show Summary:

In this week’s What Is Now (WIN) episode, we discuss: video games as a cure for ADHD, Texans need a 46% raise to be happy, what is the happiest country in the world and are humans born to be lazy?

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Quick hello, Peter is hairy, and we get right into the episode.

News Item #1:

The World Happiness Report for 2020 was released.  We learn that people are still happy, Finland is the happiest country in the world, and the U.S. is 14th.  The report also shows that benevolence matters more than money, employment matters, and the pandemic did not change what makes us happy at work.

News Item #2:

Texans say that they need a 46% raise to be happy.  We talk about whether or not money can buy happiness and if you can live a happy life on a lower salary.  The article also talks about some Covid trends around what makes people happy now.

News Item #3:

The USDA has approved a video game therapeutic for ADHD treatment.  This game can be prescribed by doctors.  We talk about the good and bad of using a video game to treat children with ADHD.

News Item #4:

The study of grizzly bears proves that humans are born to be lazy.  We discuss whether or not this is true and if Peter will now give us the approval to stop exercising and just be lazy the way we were meant to be.

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