June 10, 2021

022 | What Is Now | Dying Broke, Keys To Health Skin, & Peter's Testosterone

Show Summary:

In this week’s What Is Now (W.I.N.) episode, we discuss:  

  • Dying broke.
  • Nutritional keys to healthy skin.
  • Update on Peter’s testosterone.

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The show starts with us confronting Sarah as to whether or not she has Rona or not.  We then update our information about hummus and we talk about hypnosis.  We are making an effort to circle back to topics when we say we are going to.  Lastly, we celebrate receiving our new custom mugs.

W.I.N. #1:

Gary discusses the idea of dying broke vs. saving a lot of money to give as an inheritance after death.  The pros of giving your money away early is that your kids can get it when they need it the most and you can protect your money from being taken for healthcare when you get older among others.

W.I.N. #2:

Sarah gives us 7 nutritional keys to having healthy skin and why each is essential.  We also talk about the value of supplements and if they are worth the cost.

W.I.N. #3:

Peter gives us an update on his HRT.  His numbers are improving overall and he is feeling great.  He has decided to lower his dosage again.  Overall the HRT has been successful for Peter.

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