May 20, 2021

016 | What Is Now | The Placebo Effect, Happy Habits, & Sun Power!

Show Summary:

In this week’s What Is Now (W.I.N.) episode, we discuss:  

  • Our just cause and occasionally crossing the line.
  • The Placebo Effect.
  • Happy Habits.
  • Sun Power!

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The team is short a player.  Sarah is on another vacation so Jess sits in on the show.  We discuss Jess’s nervousness about being on the show.

Just Cause:

We reiterate our just cause about wanting to help people and not make fun of people and we apologize if we crossed a line on a previous episode.  We want to be informational, funny, and entertaining but not mean and/or insulting.

W.I.N. #1:

Peter talks about the effect of placebo which leads to a conversation about the power of mindset.  We talk about how our minds can be used for or against us.

W.I.N. #2:

Jess talks about her recent emotional state that led her to think she was nearing menopause.  During her research around menopause, she discovers that exposure to sunlight can do great things for her.  The problem is that Jess is a ginger and basically allergic to the sun! Peter chimes in with his take on the epidemic of sunblock.  The team agrees that some sun is great for many reasons.

W.I.N. #3:

Gary tells the team the 4 habits of happy people.  They are:

  1. Take Stock
  2. Create a List of Words to Live By
  3. Start Your Morning on Your Own Terms
  4. Follow the Sparks

We discuss which of these things we currently do and what we can do better.

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