May 6, 2021

012 | What Is Now | Fat That Kills, Unconscious Wakefulness, & Detox Diets

Show Summary:

In this week’s What Is Now (W.I.N.) episode, we discuss:  

  • The deadly effects of unconscious wakefulness.
  • Fat that kills.
  • What’s the deal with detox diets?

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Gary tries a new dramatic intro and it fails big time.  Sarah and Gary discuss a pizza night success.  No cheese pizza is delicious, costs less, and has fewer calories!  

W.I.N. #1:

Peter directs a conversation about the detrimental effect of visceral fat.  Weight around your belly makes you at a higher risk for heart disease.  We also discuss how awful the BMI is as an indicator of health.  Using the BMI, Peter is considered obese even though he has less than 10% body fat.  The key takeaway is that stomach fat is a good indicator of underlying visceral fat and can be deadly.

W.I.N. #2:

Gary leads a discussion about unconscious wakefulness and how the results of bad sleep can be deadly, especially in women.  The team talks about ways to improve sleep to avoid unconscious wakefulness.  The most important thing you can do to improve your sleep is to reduce noise and light pollution.  

W.I.N. #3:

Sarah read a great article about detox diets.  After lots of jokes, the article and hosts decide that detox diets are useless and encourage people to adopt a long-term sustainable healthy diet.  A detox may be a way to start, but it’s not sustainable.  

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